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Chief Operating Officer, Director
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Chief Operating Officer of Groundstar from September 14, 2012 to present. Mr. Pfeifer is a geoscientist with more than 30 years of domestic and international oil and gas experience working in exploration and as an evaluator. He has functioned in both private and public companies at executive and board levels with the past several years of his career focused on business and corporate development.

Cheif Financial Officer, Director
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Mr. Shabir Premji, C.A. is an entrepreneur in the oil and gas sector.

Mr. Premji is currently, Chairman of Enhanced Oilsands Solutions Inc., a private company based in California that manufactures a patented solvent for heavy oil and oil sands production and transportation. He also consults to several international companies interested in acquiring oil and gas assets in Canada and the United States.

From 2007 to 2011 he was the Executive Chairman of Alberta Oilsands Inc. (AOS). He was the founding Director, President and CFO of Platform Resources Inc., the predecessor company to Alberta Oilsands Inc.

Mr. Premji's career in the financial and petroleum industry spans 30 years. Prior to founding Platform Resources Inc. in 2004, he consulted to Conoco Phillips on financial accounting matters related to international projects. He was also the founder and President of Alberta Resources Ventures Inc. and 2 associated E&P companies and was the Founder and President of Alberta Resources Inc., a gas marketing company during the 1990's. He was a Vice President of Finance at Valgro Ltd, a pipeline valve manufacturing company in Alberta from 1988 to 1991. Mr. Premji was a senior manager with KPMG prior to entering the energy industry in 1988.

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Business Development
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

"The team we have assembled at Groundstar has a collective vision of acquiring and growing North American and International oil and gas assets. With outstanding professional credentials, flexible and opportunistic approach and an extensive international network, the Groundstar team intends to capitalize on its core abilities. We believe these include the ability to recognize value and the ability to deliver decisive action."

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